BIBLOS Consulting Publishing House

“Biblos Consulting” Publishing house specializes in issuing literature that promotes mutual understanding and “Dialogue of Civilizations”. We publish Arab books, Arab-Russian dictionaries, Russian-Arab dictionaries, translations of Arab and Russian authors. We work in order to make a contribution to the development of Russian-Arab relations in the sphere of education, science and culture.

Any kind of education is based on dictionaries without which one cannot study either the language and culture or one’s profession. Arab-Russian dictionaries, Russian-Arab dictionaries represent one of the main areas of publishing in “Biblos Consulting”. Thus the publishing house presents its new books: Russian-Arab dictionary of construction materials and products, Russian-Arab and Arab-Russian dictionary of geographical names, translations of fiction and historical books and Arab books. We are preparing for publication a New Big Russian-Arab dictionary and some other multi-language dictionaries to be out shortly.

On our web-site you can buy dictionaries online (Arab-Russian, Russian-Arab, multi-language dictionaries) and Arab books, translations of Arab books, books dedicated to problems of the Arab region and relations with Near East countries., order book via the Internet at the publishing house price (delivered by courier in Moscow).

Our publishing house turns out a new intellectual product. We hope that “Biblos Consulting” books will find their readers among book lovers, lovers of Arab literature, including undergraduates, post-graduate students and businessmen of Russia and Near East countries.

We work to promote peace and mutual understanding between peoples and will be glad to have you among the readers of our books!

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